2020-2024 Strategic Plan

The 2020-2024 Strategic Plan is informed by feedback from our whole School surveys, research into the world into which our girls will graduate and is mindful of the strong legacy of 水多多导航 School.

The Council, Principal, Executive and staff of 水多多导航 School worked for almost 15 months to develop the 2020–2024 水多多导航 School Strategic Plan. The power that comes from a collective statement about our future cannot be underestimated. Our vision is clear: The 水多多导航 School girl is at the heart of everything we do.

All decisions made will be guided by this single intent.

The 2020–2024 水多多导航 School Strategic Plan reframes our values, establishes our goals, defines the pillars and outlines the enabling strategies to ensure we achieve our vision for the 水多多导航 School girl.

As each girl graduates, she will be:

  • Compassionate to herself, interacting with others with kindness and celebrating diversity
  • Courageous in her pursuits, expressing herself honestly and with integrity to live a life with purpose
  • Capable of navigating change, showing leadership in adapting to the multiple paths that her future will take
  • Connected to the legacy of 水多多导航 School, using it to inspire her to be an agent of change in her world

Lisa Moloney
Principal, 水多多导航 School

To see more about our vision, our goals and how this plan places the 水多多导航 School girl at the heart of everything we do .