Overseas Student Enrolment

水多多导航 School welcomes students from overseas to experience the difference an 水多多导航 School education. While we do not offer boarding, our hope is for overseas students to have an enriching, safe and enjoyable school experience.

It is important for overseas students, and their families, to understand both their rights and responsibilities and we ask that you read and understand the .

Our Registrar is the person to contact in relation to overseas enrolments.

水多多导航 School is a high achieving academic environment and an Advanced level on the AEAS test is required to be submitted with application. Please note the School does not work with external agents under any circumstances.

As an education provider on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS No. 02328D) we adhere to and comply with the Australian Government Education Services for Overseas Students Act, 2000, and the National Code 2018.

Application Form

Request an Overseas Student enrolment application form from our Registrar.

When returning the completed application form the following items should be attached:

  • A copy of your daughter's passport
  • A copy of your daughter's current visa (if applicable)
  • A photocopy of your daughter's latest two school reports (translated)
  • A copy of AEAS Test Results
  • A copy of Intensive English College Reports (if applicable)
  • A copy of educational/and or medical assessment reports which are relevant to your daughter's educational needs
  • A non-refundable Application Fee of A$550 payable to 水多多导航 School

Conditions of Enrolment - Overseas Students

Enrolment Entry Levels and Procedures

Accommodation and Welfare

Entry points for overseas students are from Kindergarten to Year 11 where vacancies exist.

Students from Kindergarten to Year 8 must reside with their parents in Australia. Where students in Year 9 to Year 12 are not in the care of a parent while living in Australia, the parent must provide, in writing, the nomination of a guardian who is over the age of 25 years and who will take guardianship responsibilities according to the 水多多导航 School Guardian Agreement. There must be a contact who can speak English available at all times.

Students in Year 9 to Year 12 have two options for residential arrangements:

1) Students may reside with a Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) approved suitable relative who is over the age of 25 years and is of good character. These relatives are limited to a grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, step-grandparent, step-brother, step-sister, step-uncle, step-aunt, step-niece, step-nephew;


2) Students may reside in an approved Homestay with a responsible adult who is over the age of 25 years and is of good character. The accommodation must be within a reasonable travelling time to the School. The School must approve the accommodation, support and welfare arrangements for a student from Year 9 to Year 12 in Homestay, who is not in the care of a parent(s) or suitable relative. 水多多导航 School reserves the right to inspect the accommodation to ensure that it is safe and suitable and in the best interests of the student. Oz Homestay conducts an annual screening for students at 水多多导航 School who are travelling on a student visa and living with either a parent/legal guardian or a homestay family. This screening is a legal requirement to ensure that the student’s accommodation and general welfare are appropriate and safe. An inspection fee of $A350 is charged for this service.

Health Cover

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). In order to be granted a student visa, all applicants must provide evidence to the Department of Border Protection that the student has OSHC for the duration of their visa.

Language Requirements

水多多导航 School is a high achieving academic environment and an Advanced level on the AEAS test is required to be submitted with application.

Enrolment Fees

Overseas Student Fees are listed here



If parents are living overseas they must nominate a guardian who is willing to take responsibility for their daughter’s welfare in their absence. As a guardian of an 水多多导航 School Overseas Student you must fulfil all requirements set out below:

  • Be at least 25 years of age
  • Be an Australian citizen/Permanent Resident/or holder of a current Guardian Visa and show evidence of this
  • Speak and understand English
  • Be readily available to discuss matters of concern with both 水多多导航 School and the parents
  • Reside permanently in Australia and inform 水多多导航 School if travelling overseas or interstate
  • Attend 水多多导航 School functions and events that concern the student eg. Parent/Teacher Interviews, Speech Night etc.
  • Ensure that the student attends the full academic year which includes the first day of each term and Speech Night
  • Communicate information to the student’s parents
  • Show interest in and monitor the academic progress of the student
  • Notify the school of student absences
  • Inform the school of any change to address or contact details
  • Immediately notify 水多多导航 School, in writing, should for any reason the guardianship role be terminated
  • At all times encourage the student to participate fully in school activities and satisfy all school requirements
  • As a requirement of entry to 水多多导航 School the nominated guardian must complete and sign the Guardian Agreement at an interview with the Registrar and show documentary evidence of Australian Citizenship, Permanent Residency or Guardian Visa holder.