Laptops, iPads and Textbooks

Ordering Textbooks

Campion Bellbird Books are the preferred book supplier for 水多多导航 School.

  • Orders are to be prepaid by credit card or cheque
  • Order online from Campion Books 

Student Laptops and iPads

iPads are introduced in Year 4, with laptops from Year 7 as part of 水多多导航 School’s commitment to integrating technology into learning. All senior students are asked to use their own Apple laptops.

You may wish to purchase the device from your own retailer (please see minimum requirements below). However, 水多多导航 School currently recommends purchasing your device from our . Here you have the option to purchase the device with complementary 7-day AppleCare+ protection. Due to legislation changes you can no longer purchase AppleCare+ at the sale of the device and must wait a cooling off period of 7 days. It is crucial to purchase this once the period is complete.

iPad Requirements

  • iPad WiFi 256GB (10.2-inch, 9th Generation)
  • AppleCare+
    • Most forms of insurance are acceptable as a minimum.
  • A Case and Keyboard
    • Recommended: Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case with Trackpad for iPad (9th Generation)
  • Apple Pencil or equivalent
    • Recommended: Apple Pencil (1st Generation)

Laptop Requirements

  • Macbook Air
    • M1 or M2 Chip with 8鈥慍ore CPU and 7鈥慍ore GPU
    • 8GB of unified memory
    • 256GB storage
  • AppleCare+
    • Most forms of insurance are acceptable as a minimum. 

Please note that due to the new Apple Silicon featured in the new computers it is now recommended to stick with the Macbook Air over the Pro due to the size and weight differences. Performance is incredibly good on the Macbook Air and should not be a concern with the vast majority of 水多多导航 School students.

水多多导航 School provides:

  • Full wireless connection across the whole campus
  • High speed Internet access for all users
  • Network storage facilities for student work
  • Provision of a full suite of licensed IT applications which give flexibility in the process, presentation and storage of learning experiences
  • Provision of student-based email for communication
  • Specialist training in and access to high-end applications
  • Onsite Help Desk and online ticketing system
  • Loan laptop pool

All student devices must include an extended three-year warranty and be covered by an Accidental Theft and Damage insurance policy.

IT Department

水多多导航 School has a fully equipped IT Department who all work together to cover various aspects of this important part of your daughter's education.