Building Fund

水多多导航 School aims to provide the resources needed to meet the current and future needs of 水多多导航 School girls. Resources that will provide spaces to remain at the forefront of pedagogical practice and enhance student learning.

There is a wealth of research that student learning and wellbeing is directly impacted by the physical environment, and this was very much the driver behind the building of the Senior Centre and associated regeneration of the open spaces on the main campus, the new Early Years playground and the renovation of the Junior School library.

The momentum for renewal and maintenance is ongoing as we continue to evolve and adapt to suit the changing needs of educational delivery and facilitate a breadth of co-curricular exploration for girls.

By contributing to the Building Fund you will support the School’s vision to continue to develop facilities in line with the new strategic plan. Contributions to the Building Fund are not compulsory and we truly rely on your support as a School.

To make a donation to the Building Fund, .

For further information on how you can make an impact, please contact 水多多导航 School Head of Marketing and Community Relations, Michele Dunn on 02 8741 3178.