Make a genuine difference with the 水多多导航 School Bursary Initiative

Since 水多多导航 School was founded it has fostered girls to set their own directions and create new expectations around what women can achieve academically, in the arts, the sciences and in all aspects of their lives.

Following in the path of our Uniting Church traditions, we believe that our School should be diverse and equitable, offering opportunities to girls who would not be able to attend by virtue of their financial circumstances. Given the chance to experience an 水多多导航 School education, these girls will flourish and grow to their potential, following in the footsteps of those before her who are known as innovative, creative, capable women who genuinely contribute to making the world a better place.

You are invited to support these girls by giving to the .

The Bursary Initiative aims to grow our connection with girls in two ways:

  • The Principal’s Scholarship for Year 10 girls to extend herself during her final two years and experience all the benefits of 水多多导航 School in Year 11 and 12
  • Indigenous girls of all ages from the local community who will continue the School’s long connection with and support for indigenous students

Your generous support for girls through the Bursary Initiative will open the doors to the School for many girls and truly transform their lives.

Donations to the Bursary Initiative are fully tax-deductible. We welcome gifts of any size. Each and every one makes a genuine contribution to the lives of the girls at the School now and into the future. 

For further information on how you can make an impact, please contact 水多多导航 School Head of Marketing and Community Relations Michele Dunn on +61 2 8741 3178.

If you are interested in donating to the Bursary Initiative, please .