Year 7 to Year 12

The Senior Years at 水多多导航 School are characterised by unique learning experiences, a strong sense of purpose, deep friendships, and a vast range of opportunities.

Students in Year 7 to Year 12 are challenged to think broadly and creatively, and this is reflected in their growing range of personal and academic achievements. Our Senior Years program reflects our deeply held belief that all students have special gifts, talents and needs. It enacts our commitment as educators to bring out these gifts in each of our students; to help each student find her own voice, and, most importantly, enjoy their education.

Alongside our academic programs sits a range of co-curricular pursuits which bring additional opportunities for friendship, fun and the satisfaction of meeting personal challenges.

We offer two pathways to matriculation at 水多多导航 School, the NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. Students are guided and counselled in their choice of pathway. For more about the HSC at 水多多导航 School please click here. For more about the IB Diploma Programme click here. For our most recent Year 12 Results, click here.

Subject Selection

Subject selection for senior years is given careful consideration for each student at 水多多导航 School. When a student reaches Year 10 she will begin to refine her subject selection and Year 12 pathway, in consultation with our academic and careers staff and her family. Our understanding is that a student is more likely to achieve academically when she is studying subjects she enjoys and is well supported in her choices. 水多多导航 School works assiduously to build up a comprehensive and well-rounded picture of each student to assist this decision-making process.

In addition to individual interviews with all Year 10 Families, the School offers a number of other opportunities for parents and students to consult with academic and pastoral care staff.

Parent Information Nights

Parent information nights and parent teacher nights are held regularly throughout the high school years. Parents are also encouraged to contact relevant academic staff about subject selection at any time.

Student Wellbeing

Our Pastoral Care Program is embedded throughout the school from Year 6 to Year 12.

水多多导航 School senior students are nurtured through a well-structured Pastoral Care Program that supports them emotionally, socially and psychologically as they build from their first steps in a high school environment towards their final years of school. A network of Heads of Year, Heads of House, Luminaries and psychologists develop the students’ self-reliance and empower them to access the right assistance at the right time.

Pastoral Care

Positive academic outcomes depend on emotional strength. Emotions can facilitate or impede a student’s academic achievement, work ethic, commitment and ultimately their success at school. Pastoral Care is not the destination, but the nourishment for the learning journey. Pastoral Care at 水多多导航 School is designed to help students navigate and grow wiser from the bumps in their journey.

Each group from Year 7 to Year 12 has a Head of Year – someone who knows and understands the issues students face. The Head of Year helps students with academic and social concerns and is the main point of contact.

The Head of House plays an important role in 水多多导航 School life for all girls from Year 6 to Year 12. They preserve and protect school traditions and oversee celebrations, competitions, spirituality, student service and student leadership.

There are 10 Luminaries in each year group team – each attached to a House. Luminaries are the go-to person for everyday issues. Students see them regularly as they are guided through the Pastoral Care Program, which is designed to help students navigate their lives as teenagers and young women.

The Heads of Year, Heads of House and Luminaries all help girls develop qualities like loyalty, leadership, courage, compassion and strength.